Thursday, 13 November 2014

The Fabulous Destiny of Lucy....hopefully

I've had blogs before, but before I've never really had very much to say and usually I just sort of forget about them. So, new plan. Update this blog regularly with something thoughtful and insightful. Right.

In the spirit of my blog title I'm learning French! Sort of. Okay I downloaded some free podcasts which are actually pretty good.

Je suis Lucy. Je Habit a Londres. Je suis une secrétaire,

That's all I can say for now. But hopefully I'll be ordering food in Paris like a pro one day!

Other podcasts I've been listening to is Serial. And I'm hooked! Did he? Didn't he? Is his friend lying? I've binged seven episodes in a week and now I'll have to wait each week like everyone else. Noo! Do I have a theory? Of course, doesn't everyone? My personal theory is that Jay had way more involvement than he's making out. Or, made out. I keep forgetting it was 15 years ago.

I particularly enjoy the question it asks. Can you remember what you were doing 6 weeks ago? All I know is I finished work at 5 and got the train home. Or maybe I went to the cinema? I maybe I went to my sisters to help work on my nieces Weeping Angel costume? (which turned out awesome by the way) The only thing I really remember is that it was the third day in my new job. Everything else is maybes. I just checked my Facebook. I went to my sisters to watch the Great British Bake-off final. And I couldn't even remember that. So how could someone back in 1999 remember what they did on some random day after school without something like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or anything like that to help?

Anyway it's the latest episode today. Can't wait! No doubt there will be updates!

Until next time...